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New video "FOTODITAZIN – is the elixir of life?"
In the section VIDEOS of our website you can see a new video on the application Photodynamic therapy.
The twelfth All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Domestic anticancer drugs"
The twelfth All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Domestic anticancer drugs" came to the end.
The School "Photodynamic therapy and photodynamics: basics of application in clinical practice"
In the period from February 25 to 27, 2015 in Moscow at Federal Medical Study Centre of P. A. Herzen was successfully held School "Photodynamic therapy and photodynamic: basics in clinical practice".
School of fluorescence diagnosis and photodynamic therapy in Oncology using nanotechnology
In the period from February 16 to March 6, 2015 on the basis of GPI RAS, MEPhI and the 1st MGMU of Sechenov with the support of JSC "BIOSPEC", National Association of photodynamic and RUSNANO is underway winter school for Magisters, Ph.D. candidates, practicing engineers and doctors who want to increase their skill level in the use and development of methods for fluorescent diagnostics and photodynamic therapy in Oncology.
February Fourth is World Day against cancer
Today, February 4, 2015 people has been marked the World Day Against Cancer for 10 years like every years.
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Tumor fragment surrounded by healthy tissue cells
PHOTODITAZINE injection. Selective accumulation in tumor
Affected tissue irradiation with long-wave red radiation
Reactive oxygen species formation. Induction of necrosis in tumor cells
Selective death of tumor cells surrounded by healthy tissue