Innovation in Medicine
Photodynamic therapy is in the list of hi-tech medical care.

The order of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (December 29, 2012) No. 1629n «About the approval of the list of types of hi-tech medical care»:

According to part 4 of article 34 of the Federal law of November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ "About bases of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation" (The Russian Federation Code, 2011, No. 48, Art. 6724; 2012, No. 26, to Art. 3442, 3446) I order:

To approve for 2013 the list of types of hi-tech medical care according to the appendix.

Minister V. I.Skvortsova

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Tumor fragment surrounded by healthy tissue cells
PHOTODITAZINE injection. Selective accumulation in tumor
Affected tissue irradiation with long-wave red radiation
Reactive oxygen species formation. Induction of necrosis in tumor cells
Selective death of tumor cells surrounded by healthy tissue