New video "FOTODITAZIN – is the elixir of life?"

In the section VIDEOS of our website you can see a new video on the application Photodynamic therapy.

The video report on the radio Mediametrix in the program "Breakfast at Zheninoi".

The theme: "FOTODITAZIN is the elixir of life?"


Surgeon - Oncologist, MD, Professor, Academician of the Russian LAN is Stranadko Evgeni Philipovich
General Director of LLC "VETA-GRAND" is Malova Tatyana Ivanovna
Discipline Head and organizer of the meeting is Gaidar Rodion Borisovich


The anchor of the programs "Women's club" and "Breakfast at Zheninoi ". Helena Zhenina is the cosmetician and dermatologist.


New video "FOTODITAZIN – is the elixir of life?"