February Fourth is World Day against cancer.

Today, February 4, 2015 people has been marked the World Day Against Cancer for 10 years like every years.

This day had been marked since 2005.

February Fourth  is World Day against cancer. The goal is attract public attention to the problem of cancer.

It is widely believed that the cancer is a scourge of our time.
However, about the existence of this disease was known in Ancient Egypt. The name of this disease gave Hippocrates. He did research the tumor and noted that this growth remained of crab claws. He called this disease "crab " in his work. In ancient Rome, the term was translated into Latin - so there was the usual name of this disease - «cancer».
About 6 million people have cancer today. According to forecasts by the World Health Organization, deaths from cancer will continue to increase, it will reach 13.1 million cases by 2030.

Especial theme is chosen every year in this day. For example, the theme of World Cancer Day 2013 became - "Cancer - did you know?" This theme was intended to confute common myths about this disease:

1. Cancer is the only problem of the Healthcare Service.
In fact: cancer is not only problem of the Healthcare Service, also it has social and economic consequences.

2. Cancer is a disease of the rich, elderly person and developed countries.

In fact: cancer is affect all ages and all social groups.

3. Cancer is a death sentence.

In fact: many types of cancer can be cured today.

Never say die!
If you have this disease you have to fight.
And people who are healthy have to follow the simple rules health care activities and take care of the health of our families.


According to doctors, about 43% of cancer can be prevented, following simple rules:

* Smoking cessation.
* Physical activity combined with a healthy diet.
* Vaccination against viruses that cause liver cancer and cervical cancer
* Reduce the time in the sun and in tanning.

LLC "VETA-GRAND" continues to fight against cancer with colleagues - great oncologists of Russia and congratulates them on their professional day!

The actual video for the World Day Against Cancer of the Oncology Center CBD on one of the Central channels.