«FOTODITAZIN®» gel penetrator for external application

Indications: FOTODITAZIN® is used for increasing penetrative effect of source of light energy in phototherapy including photodynamic therapy with various types of light irradiation. Maximal gel effectiveness is achieved with light wave length 662 nm.

Use: phototherapy, including photodynamic therapy for treatment of festering wounds, long-lasting persistent wounds and trophic ulcers; basal cell, squamous cell carcinoma and skin keratosis; background and precancerous lesions of cervix of the uterus, vagina and edea; in arthrosis and arthrytis; chronic rhinitis and rhinosinusopathy; periodontium diseases; acne vulgaris; psoriasis and skin dermatosis; as well as in ophtalmology and cosmetology (in photodynamic facial skin rejuvenation).

Contra-indications: hypersensitization to the agent.

Method of application: gel FOTODITAZIN® is applied externerly on the skin or on mucosa 15-30 minutes prior to light irradiation in the dose of 1 ml of gel on 3-5 cm2 of the surface treated. After 15-30 minutes the applied gel is removed by a cottonwool tampon moistured in distilled water and light irradiation as performed according to the approved medical technologies.